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About FRII


FRII is a new born company focused on arthroscopic surgery. The evolution of arthroscopic surgery has been one of the major developments in orthopedic surgery in the recent past: it has dramatically changed the orthopedic surgeon’s approach to joint pathology.


Following this path of innovation, FRII has been created through extensive research and development programs conducted together with our partners and users as well as through a continuing refinement of existing technologies. Working together with surgeons, nurses and product specialists, FRII is committed to develop high-quality products with increased benefits for patients and users as well as for their hospitals.


FRII develops and manufactures medical devices whit the mission to improve the quality of patient care and health care cost efficiency overcoming the present standard, paying a particular attention to comfort and ergonomic for the surgeon.


All FRII products are manufactured in certified facilities and are in pending to get compliance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. In addition, our products are CE marked according to the EEC Directives.