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FRIIpower is a “breakthrough” product in the field of arthroscopic powered cutting instruments. It consists of two components: a reusable internal device containing the system core (the electric supply source, the power source and the control unit) and an external single-use operating body, capable to resect and remove soft tissue or bony tissue.

The result is a light and ergonomic handpiece, ready to use without preparation or sterilization, making the arthroscopic surgery more effective, with really innovative features.

Standard functions:

Forward and oscillating mode for soft tissue and bony tissue resection. All functions are managed by hand control for a complete freedom to operate.

Enhanced Functions:

Rotating blade for adjustable cutting-edge orientation on target. Adjustable lever for fragments suction.

Wide selection of speed:

More than 6.000 rpm to assure high performance in every surgical condition. Seven pre-settings to resume the ideal speeds for specific procedures, letting you choose between 49 speed combinations.

Removable battery:

The high power brushless motor combined with a long-life battery, delivers plenty of power to assure the ideal torque required for all the arthroscopic procedures.